Stuart Rhodes


Stuart Rhodes

Stuart Rhodes joined M&G in 2004 as a global equity analyst after graduating from Bath University with a degree in business administration. Stuart has been the manager of the M&G Global Dividend strategy since it was launched in July 2008. In April 2015 he was appointed deputy manager of the M&G North American Dividend strategy and in January 2019 of the M&G Global Themes strategy. Stuart is a CFA charterholder.

Asset class

  • Equities

Funds managed

  • Global Themes Fund
  • M&G (Lux) Global Dividend Fund
  • M&G (Lux) Global Themes Fund
  • M&G (Lux) North American Dividend Fund

Funds that Stuart manages

Fund name Info Price Info Change
Date Info ISIN
Global Themes Fund - Euro A Acc 36.90 0.282
06.07.2020 GB0030932676
Global Themes Fund - Euro A Inc 34.57 0.264
06.07.2020 GB00B8HQLV43
Global Themes Fund - Euro C Acc 44.13 0.341
06.07.2020 GB0030932783
Global Themes Fund - Euro C Inc 40.27 0.311
06.07.2020 GB00BK6M9Z78
Global Themes Fund - USD A Acc 14.78 0.193
06.07.2020 GB00B1RXYT55
Global Themes Fund - USD A Inc 13.89 0.182
06.07.2020 GB00BK6MB067
Global Themes Fund - USD C Acc 16.84 0.222
06.07.2020 GB00B1RXYV77
Global Themes Fund - USD C Inc 15.37 0.202
06.07.2020 GB00BK6MB174
M&G (Lux) Global Dividend Fund - EUR A Acc 9.73 0.076
06.07.2020 LU1670710075
M&G (Lux) Global Dividend Fund - EUR A Dist 9.23 0.072
06.07.2020 LU1670710158

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