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We'll shortly be updating our websites and rebranding

We’re rebranding to bring a fresh and modern identity to M&G Investments to align ourselves more closely with our parent brand, M&G plc. Please rest assured that you'll still be able to access our websites in the same way as you do today, as our current website addresses will redirect to our new ones.

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Funds in Focus

Fund name Info Price Info Change
Date Info ISIN
M&G (Lux) Global Dividend Fund - EUR A Acc 11.46 -0.021
26.01.2021 LU1670710075
M&G (Lux) Global Emerging Markets Fund - EUR A Acc 30.68 -0.232
26.01.2021 LU1670618690
M&G (Lux) Dynamic Allocation Fund - Euro A Acc 9.86 -0.006
26.01.2021 LU1582988058
M&G (Lux) Global Macro Bond Fund - EUR A ACC 14.98 0.024
26.01.2021 LU1670719613
M&G (Lux) Optimal Income Fund - EUR A Acc 10.68 -0.003
26.01.2021 LU1670724373
M&G (Lux) Global Convertibles Fund - EUR A Acc 19.32 -0.098
26.01.2021 LU1670708335

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