Responsible Property in action: Arndale centre

An energy management strategy implemented at this shopping centre in Manchester saved £1m in energy costs, with payback of installation of a sub-metering system achieved in under 3 years.

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Responsible Property Investment

Our approach to Responsible Property Investment (RPI) enables us to manage and respond to the growing range of environmental and social issues that can impact property values. It also helps us protect and enhance fund and asset performance for our clients.

RPI is well integrated within our day-to-day investment practices. It enables us to adapt and respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by various issues, such as rising energy and resource costs, greater legislative demands and stronger tenant and investor requirements.

Our approach to Responsible Property Investment

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Our approach to Responsible Property Investment

Publications and reports

We have been reporting on our RPI performance for over a decade, and are also active contributors to external publications.

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