Macro and multi-asset

Multi-asset strategies at M&G are run by the macro investment business unit. They invest across a range of assets and thus can offer investors a diversified blend that may include equities, fixed income, credit, property, cash and currencies in a single portfolio. At M&G our expert fund managers research the markets to decide how much and when to invest in each type of asset, as we believe that the greatest driver of returns in the long term comes from being invested in the right blend of asset classes at the right time.

The Macro Investment Business (MIB) is responsible for running segregated accounts following the global macro/GTAA strategy for several large pension funds, as well as the management of an asset allocation overlay mandate for the Prudential Assurance Company's life fund. It also runs a Cayman Islands-based fund following a similar strategy.

In parallel, the team are responsible for the management of M&G's UCITS funds within the M&G Episode Multi Asset range.

The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause prices to fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the original amount they invested.

Our investment philosophy

Our approach is to identify market ‘episodes’ where asset values become influenced by investors reacting emotionally, rather than by normal principles such as inflation or interest rates.

Our investment philosophy

Our macro and multi-asset investment team

While each fund manager bears responsibility for the management decisions of each portfolio, the group functions as a true team, continually sharing and testing investment ideas and assessing a wide variety of macroeconomic data.

Meet the team

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