A guide to long lease real estate


Long-dated secure income for institutional investors.

  • Assets that produce predictable income are becoming ever more valuable for many long-term institutional investors in a world of low interest rates and volatile markets.
  • In particular, demand is growing among pension schemes for secure, long-dated cashflows that can help hedge long-term liabilities and so enable them to meet their commitments to pensioners.
  • Investments that can offer a profile of returns to meet these needs are scarce and often expensive. Long lease real estate, where a real estate freehold is sold by its owner-occupier and leased back on a long-dated lease that can run for decades, can offer an attractive solution.
  • In this guide, we explore the features and characteristics of the different types of long lease real estate, compare their outcomes for an institutional investor and look at the trends shaping the development of these assets.

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